Mattapoisett Animal Hospital

91 County Road
Mattapoisett, MA 02739


Our Staff

Susan Perry attended the University of Massachusetts, Amherst and earned a bachelors degree in Animal Science. After graduating in May of 1999, she began work at the Mattapoisett Animal Hospital. She resides in New Bedford with her daughter Makenna. Susan has an 12 year old golden retriever named Phoebe, and 2 cats,  Wallee and Stitch. Susan loves being with her friends and family and spending every spare moment with Makenna. 

Jenn Edwards grew up in Fairhaven with a love for animals. She was a client for 2 years prior to being asked to join us as a staff member. She has a specific fondness for cats and rabbits. Jennifer lives in New Bedford with her husband Israel and their 2 children Ayden and Ava. She enjoys hanging out with her friends, and practicing drawing and photography in her spare time. 

Judy Swett has spent most of her career working in human pathology laboratories. Her pets were patients at the Mattapoisett Animal Hospital for years before she expressed an interest in joining our staff. She grew up in western Massachusetts and attended UMass/Amherst where she attained her Bachelor of Science in Medical Technology. Judy lives in Wareham with her husband, their Irish Setter and 5 cats.

Joanne Nicholson graduated from the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth in 2003 with a Bachelor's Degree in Biology. After graduating, Joanne worked for a biotech company and then worked for a marine animal rehabilitation hospital where she was an educator and animal care technician. Joanne lives in Wareham with her husband Kyle and their 2 cats Trouble and Chuckles, a gecko named Josephine and a rescue greyhound named Belinda Bean. When she is not lounging with her cats, she enjoys hiking, camping and spending time with family and friends. 


Ashley Smith is a recent graduate of New England Institute of Technology with an Associates Degree in Veterinary Technology. She has had a love for animals since she was little and always hoped to find a career in the veterinary field. At her home in Providence, RI, she has a 2 year old Yorkshire Terrier named Brooklyn Bae and a 13 year old Jack Russell Terrier, Hunter Lee. She is a certified veterinary technician. She enjoys spending time her family and friends as well as traveling.


Hailey Pedro has been around animals her entire life.  She is currently attending the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth where she hopes to obtain her Bachelor's Degree in Biology and continue on to become a Veterinarian.  In her spare time, Hailey enjoys working on D.I.Y. projects, drawing, baking and playing with her chinchilla King. 




Julio was a stray who was hit by a car in February of 2002. After weeks of hospitalization, he made a tremendous recovery and now is the unofficial greeter in the hospital. In his spare time, Julio likes to chew plants, chase bugs and take naps on the counters. Julio enjoys playing with puppies until they become too rough whereupon he torments them from tabletops. You can find Julio lying around the hospital waiting for his next friend to come walking through the door. 

Harry was also a stray who came to us in February of 2010. He was very cold and malnourished and weighed only 4.5lbs. After a few weeks of warmth, food and tons of love, he has become a great addition to our hospital. In his spare time, Harry loves to snuggle up to the warm laundry, chew plants and loves to curl up on the scheduling book at the front desk. 


Alice is an African Grey who joined our staff in April of 2010. She has a unique love for men and an amazing vocabulary that is very entertaining to anyone who walks through the door. In her spare time, Alice loves to eat grapes, crunch on crackers and enjoys shredding paper. You can find Alice behind our front desk waiting to say "Goodbye" to everyone that leaves.